Slimetrail is a two player board game invented by Bill Taylor played on an NxM rectangle of squares.


The board is a NxM rectangle of squares. Two opposite corners of the rectangle are marked as goal squares for the players. The goal square for the first player can be highlighted with a red color and the goal square for the second player can be highlighted with a blue one.

The objective of SlimeTrail is to move a piece to player's goal square. It doesn't matter which player actually moved the piece into a goal square. I.e. if the piece is moved to the red square then the first player wins the game even if the piece is moved by the second player.

The game starts on any mutually agreed upon square. A "Pie rule" can be used as an instrument for the mutual agreement. Each player takes turns moving a piece around the board. The piece can be moved to adjacent cells vertically or horizontally or diagonally, and may not re-visit a visited square.

End of Game
The game ends up when the piece is moved on any of the goal squares. The corresponding player wins in this case. The game can end up in a draw if no move is possible from the current position.

  • The piece can be moved only vertically or horizontally but not diagonally.
  • Rhombus (Hex-style) board can be used instead of rectangular one.
  • Moves leading to a cell from which there is no path to any of the goal cells are considered as illegal.

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