Pilare is a two-player abstract board game played on a square board that was invented by Jorge Gómez Arrausi in 2005.


Pilare is played on a square board 6x6 cells. There are 36 black ("neutral"), 10 red and 10 white checkers. The initial position of the checkers is shown on the following picture:

Object of the Game

The goal of Pilare is to leave an opponent without legal moves.


Starting from the Red player, each player picks up any stack of checkers with his checker on top of the stack (a single checker is considered to be a stack too).

After picking up a stack, the player places its bottom checker on a cell that is horizontally or vertically adjacent to the source cell. If the cell is not empty then the new checker is placed on top of the cell's stack. Then the player takes the next checker from the bottom of the stack and places it on a cell that is horizontally or vertically adjacent to the previous cell. The player continues distributing the stack, until all its checkers are placed on the board. After placing each checker the player can change direction but it is forbidden to go in the opposite direction.

The White player picks up his stack containing (from the bottom to the top) black, white, red and white checkers.   The player distributes the stack   After the move

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