Clobber is a two-player board game invented in 2001 by combinatorial game theorists Michael H. Albert, J.P. Grossman and Richard Nowakowski.


Clobber is played on a 5x6 board.  Other sizes can also be used.

There are two players: White and Black.

The initial position of the checkers is shown in the following picture:



The objective of Clobber is to be the one who makes the last possible move.  (I.e., the one who has no legal moves on his turn loses the game).

No draws are possible in Clobber.


Players move alternately, starting with the player controlling the white checkers.

A player moves by choosing one of his checkers and "clobbering" an opponent's checker on a horizontally or vertically adjacent square.
The "clobbered" checker is removed from the board and replaced by the player's checker that was moved.

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