Cannon is a two-player board game invented in 2003 by David E. Whitcher.


Cannon is played on a board with 10 horizontal and 10 vertical lines. At the beginning of the game 15 dark and 15 light soldiers are placed on the intersections of the lines as shown on the following picture:



The objective of Cannon is to capture or shoot the opponent's Town.

The player also wins the game if his opponent doesn't have legal moves.


Players move alternately, starting from the player controlling the dark pieces. On their first turns both players put a special piece called "Town" anywhere on the rows closest to them (1st for the Dark player and 10th for the Light player) excluding corners:

Once placed, Towns don't move during the entire game.

A soldier may move one step forward or diagonally forward to an adjacent empty point:

soldier may capture an enemy piece (a soldier or the Town) standing on an adjacent point by moving one step sideways, forward or diagonally forward:

 A soldier can retreat two points backwards or diagonally backwards if it is adjacent to an enemy soldier and if the target and intermediate spots are empty:

Cannon is a (orthogonal or diagonal) line of 3 adjacent friendly soldiers. A cannon may slide along its line in either direction if the target spot is empty:

A cannon may make a capture without sliding, i.e. to "shoot" an enemy piece (either a soldier or the Town) standing on the same line as the shooting cannon if there is one or two empty points between the cannon's front soldier and the enemy piece:


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