Cam is a variant of Camelot, released by Parker Brothers in 1949


The game is played on a special board containing 67 cells.  There are two cells called Castles.  The White Castle is on cell D1 and the Black Castle is on cell D13.

There are two players: White and Black.

At the beginning of the game each player has 7 pieces: two Knights and five Men.

The board shape, the Castles and the initial position of the pieces are shown in the following picture:


There are two ways to win the game:

  • the game is won if a player moves any of his pieces (a Knight or a Man) into his opponent’s Castle;
  • the game is won if a player captures all of his opponent’s pieces.


Players move alternately, starting with the player controlling the white pieces.

There are three kinds of moves that can be made both by Knights and Men: a plain move, a canter and a jump (capture).  There is an additional kind of move that can be made by Knights only - the Knight's Charge.  All of these moves are exactly the same as in the original Camelot game.

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