igGameCenter API Developer Guide >> Getting Started
The igGameCenter API is a web service allowing external applications to communicate with the igGameCenter server and perform actions like registering a new account, authorization, creating a new game board, sending game moves and chat messages etc.

The external application can be developed on any platform. The only requirement is a connection to the internet for accessing the igGameCenter API handling scripts.

For performing an action the application should send a POST request with required parameters to one of the API scripts. A response is returned in a form of XML.

Each external application is assigned a unique ID and a secret passcode, which should be included in each request sent to the igGameCenter server. For getting the ID and the passcode contact me and describe the application you are going to connect to the igGameCenter. At the beginning all external applications are assigned "DEVELOPMENT" status. Any game played from an application in this status will not be stored in the game archive and the scores of the players won't be affected.

By the end of development process the application status is changed to "ACTIVE" and the mentioned above limitations are removed.