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This page describes all specific details related to the Reversi game. All information below is connected to the following board:

Place value meaning
The value of 1 contained in place parameter in all XML responses corresponds to the dark pieces, which moves first.

The value of 2 corresponds to the light pieces.

Move code format
When a player wants to place a piece in some cell an external application should send a coordinate of the cell as a move code.

I.e. A1 code has to be sent for the top left cell (look at the screenshot above).

Game board data format
Below is an example of how the board data is encoded in XML response coming from handler API script:


The board tag contains a string of 64 digits representing the board cells row-by-row. I.e. the first digit represents the state of the A1 cell, the second digit represents the B1 cell, 8th digit - H1, 9th - A2 and so on till the 64th digit representing H8 cell.

Each digit in the mentioned above string can have the following values:
0 an empty cell
1 a dark piece
2 a light piece

Game options
There are no additional options specific to the Reversi game.

Game specific error messages
Error code Error meaning
NOT_YOUR_TURN_NOW One tried to make a move when it wasn&39;t his turn.
INVALID_MOVE_CODE An invalid move code was received.
INVALID_MOVE One tried to make an invalid move.
CELL_NOT_EMPTY One tried to place a piece to a non-empty cell.