igGameCenter API Developer Guide >> Creating a new game board
Creating a new game board involves sending a request to the igGameCenter API with several required parameters and receiving an XML response containing new game board session's ID and an address of a server that will handle all events in the created game board.

For creating a new board an external application should send a POST request to the following API script:
containing the following parameters:
Field Name Field Content Field Format
app_id Application unique ID mandatory, numeric
app_code Application secret passcode mandatory, alpha-numeric
uid Member's ID that was received during authorization procedure) mandatory, numeric
session_id Unique session ID that was received during authorization procedure) mandatory, alpha-numeric
gid ID of a game that will be played on the new board. mandatory, numeric
place the desired place to take on the new board. optional, numeric (1-4)
The returned response will be one of the following:
Success response:


Failure response:

<errorMessage>--Some error message--</errorMessage>
Field Name Field Content
sid Unique session ID for the new board. This ID has to be passed in all further requests for performing actions in the corresponding board.
server Subdomain prefix of the server handling this board. I.e. if this parameter equals to gc1 then you have to refer all your further requests to the server gc1.iggamecenter.com for performing actions in the corresponding board (join it, send chat message, make move, etc).
errorMessage Could be one of the following error messages:

DATABASE_ERROR - some fatal error occured while accessing DB
INVALID_APP_ID - invalid application ID specified
INVALID_APP_CODE - invalid application passcode specified
INVALID_GAME_ID - invalid game ID specified
GAME_NOT_FOUND - game with specified ID is not found
SHOULD_BE_AUTH_ERROR - invalid authorization information specified (either uid or session_id)

Important remark #1: if a status of the application is "DEVELOPMENT" then all created game boards will be hidden by default (i.e. they will not be present in a public board list).

Important remark #2: your should send JOIN command to igGameCenter API handler script within no more than 30 seconds after creating the board. Otherwise, the board will be automaticly deleted.