Esta página contém informação detalhada de como poderá utilizar o igGameCenter. 
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  1. Getting a Google Account and switching to iGoogle
  2. Adding igGameCenter gadget to your iGoogle
  3. Getting a igGameCenter Account
  4. Logging in to the igGameCenter for the first time
  5. Selecting a game, joining some board or opening a new one
  6. Playing or watching a game

The 1st step: getting a Google Account and switching to iGoogle
 The first thing you have to do for using the igGameCenter is to sign up for a Google Account (or to sign in if you already have one).

After signing in, go to the Google homepage and click iGoogle link at the top right corner.

The 2nd step: adding igGameCenter gadget to your iGoogle
 Click  Add to Google for adding the igGameCenter gadget to your Google Home Page. You will see a page with a Add to Google button. Press it to accept adding the igGameCenter gadget to your iGoogle.

You will be redirected to the Google Home Page and you will see the igGameCenter gadget:

The 3rd step: getting a igGameCenter Account
The igGameCenter is a privately raised project that is not affiliated with Google™, therefore, you need to get a separate account for authorization with the igGameCenter. There are two registration options: a fast and a certified one.

The fast sign up process does not check an identity of a new member in depth. The only information required to enter is a desired nickname and a password.

The certified sign up process requires entering the correct e-mail and checks its validity. It means that the identity of the member who passed the certified sign up process is checked more thoroughly. The certified members have a special certification sign in their public profile.

It is up to you what option to choose. But keep in mind that there are people who will reject playing with non-certified members.

For getting the account, click My profile button on the igGameCenter gadget.

Important notice #1: you can read the igGameCenter privacy policy here.

Important notice #2: authorization with igGameCenter requires that the first and third-party cookies will be allowed for

If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, you can do it by choosing Tools -> Internet Options. Open the Privacy tab, click Edit button in the Web Sites section, type and click Allow button.

If you are using Firefox, you can do it by choosing Tools -> Options. Open the Privacy tab, click Exceptions button in the Cookies section, type and click Allow button.

Please note that the cookies could also be blocked by some third-party software (antiviruses, antispam, personal firewalls etc.)

Important notice #3: you should allow opening pop-up windows for

If you want to procede with the fast registration then just enter the desired nickname and a password and click Sign Up button.

If you want to procede with the certified registration then click the corresponding link below the Sign Up button and you will be redirected to the certified registration form. The only required information you have to enter is your nickname and e-mail. It is vital to provide a correct e-mail because the initial password will be sent to it. Without providing a correct e-mail, you will not receive the initial password and will not be able to login to the igGameCenter and play the games.

Besides the required fields, it is up to you what information to provide. But keep in mind that all additional information provided by you is publicly available and could be accessed by everyone. The igGameCenter is not responsible for any inconvenience that could be caused to you by a third party as a result of accessing the information in your public profile.

After a successful completion of the sign up process, you will receive an e-mail with your initial password. You will also get a page with a confirmation of all the information provided by you and Click here to Login button at the bottom of the page. Click the button for logging in to the igGameCenter. 

The 4th step: logging in to the igGameCenter for the first time
 Enter the e-mail provided during the registration process and the received password in the opened window. If everything goes well, you will be redirected to your profile.

Important notice: It is vital to type your password as is. Many errors occur because of the copy-pasting the password from the confirmation e-mail with extra space symbol.

You will be able to change your initial password or update the profile information from your profile page.

After updating, you can close the profile window.

The 5th step: selecting a game, joining some board or opening a new one
 At the top of the igGameCenter gadget there is a drop-down list that contains a list of all available games. You can choose any game there and see a list of all currently opened boards in the selected game:

You can click the Start new game button to open a new board. Alternatively, you can click a Join button next to any board in the list to join the corresponding game as a guest or click a Play to join the game as a player on a corresponding place.

The 6th step: playing or watching the game
When you start a new game or join an existing one, a new window is opened that looks like following:


Below is a brief description of the screenshot:
  • The left top part of the window contains the actual game board with figures and information about the players (i.e. the icon showing whose turn it is now). Clicking on player names opens their public profile containing information about their score, number of finished games as well as the number of wins, losses and draws.
  • The left bottom part contains a chat window where you can conversate with your opponent or guests during the game.
  • The right top corner contains the history of game moves.
  • In the middle of the right side there are some game options. They can be changed before starting the game only by players. Standard options include:
    1. Flashing the window on the taskbar or raising it above all other windows (depends on browser) when the opponent makes a move.
    2. Displaying or hiding the move events in the chat window.
    3. Enabling or disabling a recalculation of players' score after finishing the game
    Depending on a game, this section can contain some other options. For example, in Halma you can choose the initial position of pieces.
  • The right bottom corner contains a list of all players and guests (including their score displayed in brackets). You can click the names of players and guests in the list to open their profiles.
  • Below, there is a blinking led indicating the status of a connection to the igGameCenter server. If it turns red or stops blinking, the connection is lost. You can try to refresh the window by pressing F5 button (or some other button or a button combination that performs a page refresh in your browser).