Mad Bishops

Mad Bishops is a two player abstract game played on a 10x10 checkerboard that was invented by Mark Steere in 2010.


Mad Bishops is played on 10x10 checkerboard. The initial position of pieces is shown on the following picture:

Object of the Game

The goal of Mad Bishops is to capture all opponent's pieces.

No draws are possible in Mad Bishops.


Starting with White, players take turns moving one of their bishops per turn.

bishop moves exactly as in Chess: in any diagonal direction, landing on an empty square or on a square that is occupied by an enemy bishop. In this case the enemy bishop is captured and removed from the board. It is forbidden to jump over other bishops (either friendly or enemy ones).

It is allowed to make two kinds of moves:

  1. If a player's bishop cannot capture any enemy bishop from its current position then this player's bishop can only move to a position where it can capture some enemy bishop.
  2. If a player's bishop can capture some enemy bishop then this player's bishop must perform a capturing move.

There is no precedence in making the 2nd kind of move over the 1st one. I.e. if a player can do both kinds of moves then he can choose what move to do.

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