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We're holding a contest to test the abilities of igBot in playing Momentum (the page on BGG).

The contest will last 7 days, starting at 2:00pm UCT (10:00am EDT) on 8th of August, 2011 and ending at 1:59pm UCT (9:59am EDT) on 15th of August, 2011.

Each day the player having the most "wins in a row" against igBot will be declared the winner. By "wins in a row" we mean winning a sequence of rated games against igBot without playing Momentum against any other player in between (other games can be played without interfering with the contest results). If two (or more) players achieve the same number of "wins in a row" then the winner will be decided by the total number of wins against the bot. If two (or more) players achieve both the same number of "wins in a row" and the same total number of wins against the bot then all these players are declared the winners on the corresponding day.

When the contest ends, we will randomly select 3 different persons among the 7 (or more) daily winners (if you win more than once then you get higher chances to get the prize). The first one will receive a copy of Momentum published by Nestorgames (or any other Nestorgame of the same price or lower). The other two winners will receive a "free shipping" Nestorgames coupon.

Important remark: In order to get the prize you need to specify your e-mail address in your igGameCenter's profile.

Important notice: igGameCenter and Nestorgames reserve the right to disqualify any player based on any suspect of dishonest behavior (e.g. playing man-in-the-middle)

The contest is over!

Only two players have been declared winners during the contest so only two numbers were randomly generated and they are: 2 and 3. We congratulate the first winner: Diamante, who will receive a copy of Momentum from Nestorgames. We also congratulate the other winner: Zwergesel, who will receive a "free shipping" Nestorgames coupon. Please note that the main prize and the coupons are transferable, so you may tell Nestor to send your prize to any participant with non-zero ranking (i.e. a player whose name can be found in the ranking tables below).

Last generated at 15-Aug-11, Mon, 17:25:01 (UTC)

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