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We're holding a contest to test the abilities of igBot in playing Hippos & Crocodiles (the page on BGG).

The contest will last 10 days, starting at 2:00pm UCT (10:00am EDT) on 10th of May, 2011 and ending at 1:59pm UCT (9:59am EDT) on 20th of May, 2011.

The player having the most "wins in a row" against igBot will be declared the winner of the contest. By "wins in a row" we mean winning a sequence of rated games against igBot without playing Hippos & Crocodiles against any other player in between (other games can be played without interfering with the contest results). If two (or more) players achieve the same number of "wins in a row" then the winner will be decided by the total number of wins against the bot.

The winner of the contest will be awarded with a free copy of Hippos & Crocodiles published by Nestorgames (or any other Nestorgame of the same price or lower). In the case of two or more winners, the prize will be sent to the randomly selected winner.

If the contest is successful, we'll run additional contests for considerably larger prizes in the future (so please help this contest to become successful, by trying to win)!

Important remark: In order to get the prize you need to specify your e-mail address in your igGameCenter's profile.

Important notice: igGameCenter and Nestorgames reserve the right to disqualify any player based on any suspect of dishonest behavior (e.g. playing man-in-the-middle)

The contest is over!

Unfortunately, igBot failed to play the game correctly on the last day of the contest. As a result the bot was easily beaten during a period of about 3 hours. The reason of the failure is not related to igBot itself but to some bug in the pseudo-random numbers generator in MS C#. In spite of this Nestorgames has decided not to disqualify the current winners because the failure was on our side and not due to the unfair play. However, taking into account all the circumstances, the prize will not be sent to the winner but to his (and the second player's) teacher, Miceu Tavares, so the entire group will get the chance to play the game. Nestorgames has also decided to give a special discount coupon to the real winner - Zwergesel.

Last generated at 20-05-11, Fri, 19:10:02 (UTC)

PlayerNumber of wins in a rowTotal number of wins
1. diogovetlovas2852
2. Rodrigonoronha1622
3. Zwergesel13135
4. dave doma10114
5. Ismael815
6. pled728
7. tiger86640
8. Trianor561
9. veljkoc537
10. Seda513
11. vijaykumar512
12. Dede58
13. Ottia452
14. ZeroZilla411
15. Ceryon47
16. coco313
17. Markus1711312
18. ilWentu39
19. delider35
20. goulo34

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