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Jungle ou Dou Shou Qi é um jogo abstrato tradicional chinês, disputado num tabuleiro por dois jogadores. Também é conhecido por Xadrez da Selva ou o  Xadrez dos Animais.


Jungle (Selva) é disputado num tabuleiro de 7x9. There are several special squares and areas of the Jungle board:

  • There are two Dens, which are located in the center of the first and last rows the board (D1 and D9).
  • There are three Traps adjacent to each of the Dens.
  • There are two Rivers, which are located in the center of the board. Each River contains 6 squares forming 2x3 rectangle.

There are two players in the game: Light and Dark. Each player has 8 pieces representing different animals (from strongest to weakest): an elephant, a lion, a tiger, a leopard, a wolf, a dog, a cat and a mouse.

The board and the initial position of pieces are shown on the following picture:


A player wins the game if he brings one of his pieces to the Den on the opponent's side of the board (i.e. on the farthest row from the player's perspective). A player also wins the game if he captures all of the opponent's pieces.

Como Jogar

Players take turns moving one of their pieces per turn, starting from the Light player.

Each piece moves one square horizontally or vertically (not diagonally). A piece may not move to its own Den.

If the target square is occupied by an opponent's piece of the same or lower strength than the player's piece then the opponent's piece is captured and removed from the board. There are two exceptions to the capturing rule:

  • The Mouse may capture the Elephant but the Elephant may not capture the Mouse.
  • If an opponent's piece is standing on one of the player's Traps then it can be captured by any player's piece regardless of their strength.

There are special rules of movement related to the Rivers:

  • A Mouse is the only animal that is allowed to go on squares of the Rivers.
  • A Mouse may capture the opponent's Mouse in the River if both pieces are in the River.
  • A Mouse may not capture an Elephant or another Mouse on land directly from the River.
  • A Mouse on land may not capture the opponent's Mouse in the River.
  • A Lion and a Tiger may jump over the River by moving horizontally or vertically from a square on one edge of the River to the first non-water square on the other side. Such a move is not allowed over a Mouse (of any color). The Lion and Tiger are allowed to capture opponent's pieces by making such jumping moves.

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