Zurero is a two-player abstract board game played on a square board with orthogonal grid lines, traditionally with 19x19 intersections but other sizes can be used . This game was invented by Jordan Goldstein in 2009.


The objective of Zurero is to place five stones in a row (horizontally, vertically or diagonally). The first one, who achieves this goal, wins the game.


Zurero is played on a Go-style square board with orthogonal lines, traditionally with 19x19 intersections.


A game begins with an empty board.

Each player has an allocated color, usually Black and White.

Black plays first, putting one black stone at the middle of the board.

After this move players take turns alternatively sliding a stone from any edge of the board along the board lines. A stone slides until it hits another stone already on the board. It's not allowed to slide a stone along a line with no other stones on it.

If the stone already on the board that the sliding stone hits has nothing behind it in the direction the sliding stone is sliding, the stone is "pushed" backwards one step and the sliding stone moves into the square the preexisting stone previously occupied:

Before the move  

After the move

(the sliding black stone
pushes the white stone)

 If by pushing an opponent stone a player places 5 opponent's stones in a row then the player loses the game unless the player forms 5-in-a-row with his own stones at the same move.

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