Snailtrail is a two player board game invented by Don Green played on an NxM rectangle of squares. This game is a close relative of the SlimeTrail game.


The board is a NxM rectangle of squares.

There are two players: red and blue snails. Initially snails are placed in the opposite corners of the board:


The goal of each player is to surround the opponent's snail with a trail of own snail leaving the opponent's snail a smaller territory than the player has.


Players move alternatively, starting from the player controlling the Red snail.

Each player takes turns moving his snail around the board. The snail can be moved to adjacent cells vertically or horizontally, and may not move to a cell occupied by the opponent's snail or re-visit a visited cell (either by the same player or his opponent).

End of Game

The game ends up when one of the players cannot move his snail on his turn. The other player wins in this case.

No draws are possible in SnailTrail game.

  • The snails can be moved not just vertically or horizontally but also diagonally.
  • Rhombus (Hex-style) board can be used instead of rectangular one.

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