Momentum is a two-player board game invented by Phil Leduc in 2010.


Momentum is played on a 7x7 board. There are two players: Red and Blue, each having 8 marbles of the corresponding color. Initially, the board is empty:



The goal of Momentum is to have all 8 of your marbles on the board after your turn.


The game starts with an empty board.

Starting with Red, players take turns dropping a marble of their color on any empty cell on the board. The momentum of the dropped marble is transferred in all eight (orthogonal and diagonal) directions through adjacent contiguous lines of marbles (of any color). The last marbles at the end of each of these lines are pushed one cell away from the dropped marble. If the last marble in a line is on the edge of the board then it "falls off the board" and is returned back to its owner.

The Red player is going to drop a new marble on D5 (marked with a small gray dot).   After the move a Red marble is pushed from E5 to F5, a Blue marble is pushed from E4 to F3 and another Blue marble is pushed from A2 beyond the edge of the board and is returned back to the Blue player.

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