Lynx is a two-player abstract board game resembling Dots and Boxes that was invented by Dan Troyka and Cameron Browne in 2004. This game belongs to the connection game family, including such games as Hex, Metamorphosis or Talpa.



Lynx is played on a square board with a grid of 8x8 dots (7x7 boxes).  Other sizes can also be used, i.e. 7x7 dots. The left and right edges of the board are colored gray while the top and bottom edges are colored orange:

Object of the Game

The goal of Lynx is to get a chain of orthogonally connected "boxes" marked by your color linking the opposite edges of the board marked by your color.

No draws are possible in Lynx.


The game begins with an empty board.

Players move alternately, starting with the "Orange" player.

Each player draws either a horizontal or vertical line between two adjacent dots, which are not yet connected with a line.

If by drawing this line the player encloses an area (i.e. gets a group of "boxes" entirely surrounded with lines of any color) then all the "boxes" within this area are marked by player's color.

It is forbidden to draw 4 lines connected to the same dot. It is also forbidden to draw a line inside an enclosed area (i.e. between two boxes marked by any color).

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