Jeson Mor

Jeson Mor ("9 horses") is a two-player board game played on a square checkerboard that originated in Mongolia.  This game was described in "The Encyclopedia of Chess Variants" (by David Pritchard).


Jeson Mor is played on a 9x9 checkerboard.

The initial position of dark and light horses is shown in the following picture:


The goal of Jeson Mor is to move one of your own horses to the central square and then to move that horse outside the central square.

A player also wins if he captures all of the opponent's horses.


Players move alternately, starting with the player with the light horses.

Each horse moves like the Chess knight.

A horse can move to an empty cell or to a cell occupied by an enemy horse.  In the latter case the enemy horse is considered to be captured and is removed from the board.

Important note: an enemy horse occupying the central cell can be captured the same way as if it was occupying any other cell.


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