Hippos and Crocodiles

Hippos and Crocodiles is a two-player abstract board game invented by Néstor Romeral Andrés in 2008.


Hippos and Crocodiles is played either on a 20x10 board ("river") or a 14x14 board ("lake") using special "animal" pieces: "hippos" and "crocodiles".








The goal of the game is to leave the opponent without any legal moves.

Below is an example of a finished game:

After the last move of "Hippos"  (highlighted with the red border)
the "Crocodiles" have no space to put another piece on the board.
The "Hippos" win the game


The game begins with an empty board.

The first player decides whether he wants to play with "Hippos" or with "Crocodiles" and puts his first piece on the board.

The second player now has the choice whether to continue playing with the other pieces or to swap sides, i.e. to take the first move of the first player and continue playing with his pieces.

After that, players move alternately, putting one of their pieces on the board on their turn.  No piece can overlap another piece already on the board.

The game ends when one of the players has no space on the board to put his piece.  This player loses the game.

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