Fox and Hounds

"Fox and Hounds" (also known as "Hounds and Hare") is a two-player ancient board game that probably originated in Scandinavia.  This game is asymmetric, i.e. players have different goals.



"Fox and Hounds"  is played on an 8x8 checkerboard (only the dark cells are used in the game).

There are two players: Hounds and the Fox.  Initially 4 hounds are placed on dark cells at one edge of the board and the fox is placed on  any dark cell on the opposite edge:


The objectives are different for each of the players:
  • Fox (dark orange piece) wins the game if it gets to the opposite edge of the board, i.e. arrives at any of the cells originally occupied by the hounds  at the beginning of the game.
  • The Hounds (light gray pieces) win the game if they trap the Fox by surrounding it so the Fox has no legal moves.


Players move alternately, starting with the player controlling the Fox.

The Fox can move diagonally forward or backward to any of the unoccupied adjacent cells.

The Hounds can only move diagonally forward to any of the adjacent unoccupied cells.  Only a single hound can be moved per turn.

The Fox is trapped when all adjacent cells are occupied by hounds.  This means that four hounds can trap the Fox in the middle of the board, two hounds can trap the Fox on the edge of the board or one hound can trap the Fox in the corner (the A1 cell).

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