Flume is a two player abstract game played on a squareboard that was invented by Mark Steere in 2009. The process of the game is close to Dots and Boxes game.


Flume is played on an odd-sized boards like 11x11, 13x13, 15x15 etc. Initially the edge of the board is filled with green stones.

Object of the Game

The goal of Flume is to have more stones than the opponent when the board is completely filled with stones.

No draws are possible in Flume.


Each player has an allocated color: Red and Blue.

Starting with Red, players take turns placing stones of their own color on empty intersections of the board. If a player places his stone orthogonally adjacent to 3 or 4 stones of either color (red, blue or green) then the player gets an extra turn and he must place another stone of his color somewhere on the board. Passing is not allowed.

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