Ecalper is a two-player abstract board game played on a hexagonal board that was invented by Matteo Perlini (alias epicurus) in 2010. 


Ecalper is played on a hexagonal board with seven cells per side. Smaller boards can be used for a shorter game or between inexperienced players, while larger boards can be used for a deeper game.

Object of the Game

The winner of the game is the player with the largest group of stones when the game ends (group of stones is a set of same-colored stones touching each other).

If the largest groups of stones of both players have the same size, the winner is the player with a fewer number of distinct groups.

If both players  largest groups are the same size and both players have the same number of distinct groups then the game ends in a draw.


The game begins with an empty board.

There are two players in the game: Black and White.

On the first turn of the game, Black puts three black stones in any empty cells on the board.

The pie rule is used for making the game fair. This rule allows the second player to switch places with the first player after the first player makes his first move, if he thinks that the first player has made an especially good move.

Then both players take turns performing the following actions until only one empty cell left:

  • replace one of your opponent's stones added (i.e. not replaced) to the board during the last opponent's turn with the stone of your color;
  • add three more stones of your color.

When only one empty cell is left after the White player's turn, the Black player performs the replacement action only and the game ends (i.e. the last empty cell remains empty).

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