Connect6 is a two-player abstract board game played on a square board with orthogonal grid lines, traditionally with 19x19 intersections but other sizes can be used . This game emerged on the internet around 1999. 2005 it was presented by the team of Professor I-Chen Wu at the 11th Advances in Computer Games Conference.

The objective of Connect6 is to place six stones in a row (horizontally, vertically or diagonally).  The first one who achieves this goal wins the game.


Connect6 is played on a Go-style square board with orthogonal lines, traditionally with 19x19 intersections.


The game begins with an empty board.

Each player has an allocated color, usually Black and White.

Black plays first, putting one black stone on one intersection.  After this move players take turns placing two stones on two different unoccupied spaces each turn.

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