ConHex is a two-player abstract board game that was invented by Michail Antonow in 2002. This game belongs to the connection game family, including such games as Hex, Lynx or Talpa.


ConHex is played on a special board having 41 cells and 69 holes surrounding the cells. The top and the bottom edges of the board are colored red and the left and the right edges of the board are colored orange:

Object of the Game

The goal of ConHex is to get a chain of connected cells marked by your color linking the opposite edges of the board marked by your color.

No draws are possible in ConHex.


The game begins with an empty board.

Players move alternately, starting with the "Red" player.

Each player puts a stone of his color in any empty hole on the board, which may conquer one or more cells. A cell becomes conquered by the player if his stones occupy at least half of the holes surrounding the cell. I.e. the player must occupy 3 holes around the cells surrounded by 6 or 5 holes (inner cells, including the middle one) or must occupy 2 holes around the cells surrounded by 3 holes (edge and corner cells) in order to conquer them. The conquered cells are marked by the player color until the end of the game i.e. they cannot be re-conquered by the opponent).

The pie rule is generally used to the game fair.  This rule allows the second player to switch colors as his first move.

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