Coffee is a two-player abstract board game invented by Néstor Romeral Andrés in 2011.

Board and Pieces

Coffee is played on a hexagonal board with 4 or 5 cells per side or on a square board with 5, 6 or 7 cells per side. There are two players in the game using Brown and Orange pieces resembling coffee beans. Pieces can be placed on a square board in 4 different orientations and on a hexagonal board in 3 different orientations.



A player wins the game if he makes a straight unbroken row of a least "N" pieces of his color ("N" is chosen by both players before the game starts).

A player loses the game if he doesn't have any legal moves on his turn.

No draws are possible in Coffee.


The game begins with an empty board.

Brown player starts the game by placing his piece anywhere on the board. The orientation of the line drawn on the piece determines the row of cells, where the next player can place his piece. From now on, both players take turns placing a piece of their color on any empty cell located on the line determined by the orientation of the last piece placed by their opponent. It is forbidden to place a piece so it leaves the opponent without any empty spaces along the piece's line unless this piece makes the winning row of "N" (or more) pieces of the player's color. Below are a couple of examples of legal and illegal moves:

The Brown player cannot place his piece as shown on the picture because it leaves the Orange player without any empty cells to put his next piece on.  

The Orange player can place his piece as shown on the picture on any empty cell at the top of the board except for the empty cell in the top left corner. Placing the Orange piece in the top left corner as shown on the picture leaves the Brown player without any empty cells to put his next piece on.


The pie rule is generally used to the game fair.  This rule allows the second player to switch colors as his first move.

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