Battleship (also called Sea Battle) is a guessing paper and pencil game for two players.

The objective of Battleship is to sink all opponent's ships.

Board and Ships

Battleship is played on four square grids (usually 10x10), two for each player.

On one grid the player arranges ships and marks the opponent's shots.  On the other grid, the player marks his own shots.

On this site the following ships are used:


Picture Description Length Quantity
Patrol Boat 1 cell x4
Destroyer 2 cells x3
Submarine 3 cells x2
Battleship 4 cells x1



In the first phase of the game each player arranges all of his ships secretly on the first grid.  Each ship occupies a number of horizontally or vertically adjacent cells on the grid.  The number of cells for each ship is determined by the type of ship.  The ships can neither overlap (i.e., just a single ship can occupy any given cell in the grid) nor be adjacent to each other (i.e. occupy adjacent cells).

After players finish placing their ships, the second phase of the game begins.  During the second phase players take turns taking shots.  For taking a shot each player announces coordinates of the target cell and the opponent announces the result of player's shot, i.e. "hit" (if the target cell is occupied by an opponent's ship) or "miss".  Every time a player hits an opponent's ship, he gets an extra turn.


Many variants of this game exist, including different sized grids, the number and sizes of the ships, the number of shots allowed, whether or not to declare when a ship has been sunk, and when hits are announced.

This site has the following variations:

  • Adjacent ships can be allowed.
  • No extra shot on hit.

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