Information about second Toguz kumalak Computer Championship 

The second championship for computers in the game Toguz kumalak will be held 11th July 2014 in Pardubice, as a part of international festival of games Czech Open

Regulations for tournament:

  • 2 round system, 90 min. per program per game;
  • 1 point for win, 0.5 point for draw, 0 for loss;
  • tie-break criteria:
    • mutual match;
    • number of points scored as black.

Signed in:

  • Kazakhstan - 1 program
  • Kyrgyzstan - 1 program
  • Czech Republic - 2 programs

Do you want to compete with your program?

Please, write us to both emails: and 


Detailed regulation:

Goals and objectives:

  • Further development and promotion of the game Togyzkumalak
  • Increasing the number of computer programs
  • Identification of the strongest Togyzkumalak program

Date and venue of 2nd championship

  • Friday 11th July
  • CEZ Arena, Pardubice, Czech Republic


  • One team from one country can participate, with the exception of country, where the event is held (Czech Republic has permited 3 programs)
  • Team can consist of 5 members - 3 program developers, 1 representative, 1 referee


  • 2 round system, 90 min. per program per game
  • 1 point for win, 0,5 point for draw, 0 point for loss
  • Highest number of points determines the winner. Tie-breaks - mutual match, number of points scored as black
  • Developers makes move on the computer, the judge duplicates the move on standard board
  • Game is stopped when one side captured 82 pieces.
  • If program does not get into correct position, after the move, developers gets some time to correct the problem. If the error is not eliminated, program loses.


  • Medals, diplomas and financial prize for best European program at least 3000 CZK + original tournament board

Registration into tournament

If you want to compete, write us as soon as possible to both emails: and We will provide you with the info.