About this site (29-oct-2012)

Well, I feel like I need to make some kind of the official announcement. I've spent 5 years working on igGC and trying to bring it to the point, where it could become my full-time job and allow me to bring this project to another level, having more time and resources.

So, I failed. Wrong decisions, bad luck, wrong niche - doesn't matter what are the reasons. The more important thing is that 5 years is more than enough. I don't find igGC an interesting project for me anymore. If I had some free time I could add something to igGC for old times sake (well, actually, this is what I was doing last year) but now I have another project that interests me more than igGC.

So, until further notice (or new lines in the "news"), you may consider igGC as a stalled project. It'll stay online as it is now but, please, don't expect any new games / features in the forseeable future.



Arty Sandler.