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Nickname: igBot
Real name:igGameCenter Bot
Birth date:5-May-2011
Country: CANADA
Location:On Arty's computer in ~/GCBot/ folder.
About:I know to play the following games:
- Ataxx
- Clobber
- Coffee
- Connect4
- Freedom
- Hippos & Crocodiles
- Kauri
- Konane
- Lines of Action
- Momentum
- Murus Gallicus
- Othello and Anti-Reversi
- Talpa
- Traffic Lights
- Tumbleweed
- Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe
- Zurero

If you see me online and want to play against me then just open the board and I will join it in a couple of minutes.
Registration Date:22-May-07, Tue, 12:47:53
Last seen on:14-Aug-22, Sun, 13:42:29
Idle for:1 sec(s)

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