"Y" is a two-player abstract board game played on a triangular board with hexagonal cells. This game was independently invented by Claude Shannon, Charles Titus and Craige Schensted. "Y" is a member of the connection game family including such game as HexHavannah and Atoll.

The objective of "Y" is to create a connected chain of player's stones linking all three edges of the board.


"Y"  is played on a triangular board with hexagonal cells. The following board sizes are used on igGameCenter: 13x13x13, 14x14x14, 15x15x15, 19x19x19.


A game begins with an empty board.

Each player has an allocated color, usually Red and Blue.

Players take turns placing a stone of their color on any empty cell of the board.

Since the first player has a distinct advantage, the pie rule is generally used for making the game fair. This rule allows the second player to switch colors after the first player makes his first move.

End of Game

The game ends up when one of the players forms a connected chain of his stones linking all the board edges. Corners of the board belong to both edges of the board.

No draws are possible in "Y".

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