Stltstm is a two-player abstract board game played on a square 12x12 checkerboard with a cork-centered pieces that was invented by Wally Sewell in 2005.


Stlts is played on a 12x12 checkerboard with 12 dark and 12 light cork-centered pieces.

The initial position of the pieces is shown on the following picture:

The goal of Stlts is to capture all opponent's pieces.


Players move alternatively, starting from the player with the light pieces.

On each turn a player may do one of the following:

  1. insert a white or a black pin in one of player's pieces;
  2. move one of player's pieces.

A piece may move to any cell that can be reached by a sequence of one-cell horizontal and vertical steps where the maximum number of vertical steps is the number of white pins in the piece and the maximum number of horizontal moves the number of black pins. A piece with no pins cannot move.

A piece may not move through a cell occupied by another piece of either color. To capture an opponent's piece a player moves to that square and removes it.

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