Regoot is a two-player board game that was invented by Benkt Steentoft in 2009.


Regoot is played on a 9x9 board using special two-colored discs: one side of a disc is colored black and another side is colored white. Larger boards (11x11 and 13x13) can also be used bymore advanced players for longer games.

There are two players: White and Black.

The initial position of the discs is the shown on the following picture:



The goal of Regoot is to form an unbroken row (horizontally, vertically or diagonally) of 9 discs of player's color (for 11x11 or 13x13 boards a row should contain 11 or 13 discs respectively).

If the board is filled up without any player achieving the goal then the game ends by a draw.


Players move alternatively, starting from the player controlling white discs.

Each move consists of placing a single disc of player's color to any empty cell of the board.

After placing the disc, a player flips all discs of the opponent's color lying on a straight horizontal, vertical or diagonal line between the newly placed disc and other discs of the player's color already placed on the board. Important notice: the opponent's discs are flipped if and only if there are no gaps (empty cells) between the newly placed disc and other player's discs.

 Below is an example of a move.

If the white disc is placed in the specified cell then three black discs in two directions are flipped.


License Notes
Regoot is a proprietary game which is copyrighted. It is being provided on igGameCenter with written permission from Benkt Steentoft.

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