Period 5

Period 5 is a two-player abstract board game invented by Daniel Shultz in 2010. The game is based on juggling notation.


Period 5 is played on a square board with 5x5 squares painted in 5 different colors.

There are two players, each having 4 pieces. There is also an additional piece - the cube.

The coloring of the board and the initial position of the pieces and the cube are shown on the following picture:



A player wins the game when his pieces and the cube can be found in every column of the board and on each of the 5 different colors. Rows do not matter.


Players move alternately one of their pieces or the cube per turn, starting with the player controlling the light pieces.

All pieces and the cube are able to move orthogonally any number of empty spaces. They may not jump over other pieces or land on an occupied square.

There are two restrictions about moving the cube:

  • When the cube is moved, it cannot be immediately returned back to the same square by the next player.
  • The cube cannot be moved if the other player threatens to win on his next move.

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