Men Row Chess

Men Row Chess is a variant of Chess invented by Giuseppe Acciaro in 2008.


Men Row Chess is played on an 8x10 board.  Both players have 8 checkers (men) in addition to the common chess pieces.  The initial position of the pieces is shown in the following picture:



The goal of Men Row Chess is different from the goal of the common Chess: a player wins by capturing the opponent's king or stalemating the opponent.


All chess pieces move the same as in common Chess.  However, two rules are excluded from Men Row Chess: there is no castling or en passante in the game.

Checkers (Men) move forward or diagonally forward and capture the opponent's pieces by jumping over them the same way as in English Checkers, i.e. diagonally forward only.  A man can capture several of the opponent's pieces in one turn.

When a checker reaches the last row it becomes a king of checkersKing of checkers can move diagonally or vertically (forward and backward) and capture diagonally, horizontally and vertically in all 8 directions by jumping over the opponent's pieces.

Ordinary checkers and kings of checkers are not forced to capture.  I.e. they can stop capturing the opponent's pieces on any step (even if they could capture more pieces) or skip capturing the opponent's pieces altogether.

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