Konane is an old two-player board game that was invented by the ancient Hawaiian Polynesians.


Konane is played on a rectangular board of any size.

There are two players: White and Black.

The initial position of stones is shown in the following picture:



The objective of Konane is to be the one who makes the last possible move.  (I.e., the one who has no legal moves on his turn loses the game).

No draws are possible in Konane.


The game begins with all the stones on the board arranged in a checkerboard pattern.

Black moves first, by removing one of his stones from the middle of the board or from one of the corners.

Then White player removes one of of his stones orthogonally adjacent to the empty space created by Black.

After doing these initial steps players take turns capturing their opponent's stones. A player's stone can capture an orthogonally adjacent opponent's stone if the next square in the same direction is empty. The capture is made by jumping over and removing the opponent's stone. If the same player's stone can make additional captures in the same direction then it may (but is not required to) continue capturing during the same turn.

The capturing moves are mandatory, the one who is not able to make a capturing move on his turn loses the game.

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