Breakthrough is a two-player board game invented in 2000 by Dan Troyka.


Breakthrough is played on a common 8x8 board.  Other sizes can also be used.

There are two players: White and Black.

The initial position of the checkers is shown in the following picture:



The objective of Breakthrough is to reach the opposite row with one of the player's checkers.

No draws are possible in Breakthrough.


Players move alternately, starting from the player controlling the white checkers. (According to the original rules the first player is chosen randomly.)

A checker can be moved one cell straight or diagonally forward if the destination cell is empty:

The white and the black checkers
can move to the highlighted cells

A checker can move into a cell that is occupied by an opponent's checker if and only if that cell is one step diagonally forward.  The opponent's checker is removed and the player's checker replaces it.

The white checker can capture
any of the shown black checkers

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