igGameCenter API Developer Guide >> Reading a list of opened game boards
The igGameCenter engine saves a list of all opened boards for each game every 15 seconds in the following files:
A numeric index in the name of each file represents the game ID (for a list of all currently available games refer to this page).

In addition the following file
is saved containing a list of active and last finished boards for all games.

Each XML file has the same format and looks like as following:

<GameSessionList gid="0" timestamp="1185276714">
    <Session server="gc1" gid="7" sid="1418" uid="313" status="FINISHED" createTime="1185273811">
        <Member place="1" uid="313" active="0" stat="WIN" name="COTOHA" score="63"/>
        <Member place="2" uid="314" active="0" stat="LOST" name="Restuta" score="0"/>
        <Member place="0" uid="2" name="Arty" score="42"/>
    <Session server="gc1" gid="11" sid="1417" uid="2" status="ACTIVE" createTime="1185273424">
        <Member place="2" uid="2" active="0" stat="NONE" name="Arty" score="72"/>
        <Member place="3" uid="128" active="1" stat="NONE" name="smokieye" score="49"/>


Field / Param Name Field Content
GameSessionList The main container including a list of all boards
gid Game ID for all boards in a list or 0 for the special file mentioned above
timestamp Unix timestamp of the last file update on the server. Keeping in mind that each XML file is updated every 15 seconds you can calculate a difference between local and server time using this timestamp.
Session A container for board information.
server Subdomain prefix of the server handling this board. I.e. if this parameter equals to gc1 then you have to refer all your further requests to the server gc1.iggamecenter.com for performing actions in the corresponding board (join it, send chat message, make move, etc).
gid Game ID for this board. This ID equals to the one contained in gid parameter of the GameSessionList tag for all files except igooglegamesessionlist0.xml.
sid Unique session ID for this board. This ID has to be passed in all further requests for performing actions in the corresponding board.
uid An ID of the member who opened this board.
status A status of the board:

INIT - the board is just opened but there is no active game there
ACTIVE - an active game is taking place on the board
FINISHED- a game is already finished on the board
createTime If the status of the board is INIT then this parameter contains unix timestamp of the board creation time. Otherwise, this parameter contains unix timestamp of the game start time.
Member A container for player or board guest information.
place 0 for guests or non-zero value for players. A meaning of this parameter depends on a corresponding game. For example, in chess 1 stands for whites and 2 - for blacks.
uid Member's ID.
name Member's name.
score Member's score.
active 1 indicates that it is a turn of this player.

Important remark: this parameter is present for non-zero places only.
stat A state of the player.

NONE - the default state
OFFERSTART- the player clicked START button
OFFERDRAW - the player offered draw to his opponent
DRAW - the game was finished with a draw (the state of both players is DRAW)
WIN - the player won the game
LOST - the player lost the game
QUIT - the player quit the active game and his opponent claimed player's loss

Important remark: this parameter is present for non-zero places only.

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